Evidence Of Envied Beauty
Evidence Of Envied Beauty
Bad Bitches, Money, Fame, Fortune, Sex, And Weed.

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my crush: haha i like you . . as a friend!

me: image

This gets me so mad 😒

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But nash what do we do when Magcon isn’t just a name to us

It is just a name stop making them into some boy band
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That was so beautiful

Cosima is 100% done with Leekie.

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What's the meaning behind Pink Matter? asked by Anonymous


Track 15: Pink Matter

PINK MATTER has been much anticipated since Frank premiered it himself at shows from his previous tour. Track 15 from Channel Orange is extremely sexy and can be played on repeat for hours at a time. The song begins with an internal conflict between Frank and his internal conscience which refers to as Sensei (figure of guidance/teacher). This Sensei is teaching him that his woman is there for more than physical pleasure and benefit, but also for love. He goes on to explain and glorify the woman’s reproductive organ. I won’t get to explicit, but he compares it to cotton candy, meaning it’s sweet and delightful, but also compares it to Majin Buu (a plump pink villain from the Dragon Ball Z series), meaning it can also cause a lot of trouble ;).  After Frank is done with his pointless internal conflicts he concludes that his woman is his pleasure [“Nothing mattered/cotton candy Majin Buu”]. For his woman is nothing more than her reproductive organs and the pleasure that she gives.  Her heart, or anything else about her doesn’t matter. “Pleasure over matter.” Andre 3000 is featured on the track and ends it with a verse or two that Frank harmonizes with. He also plays guitar in song.

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The best couple ever <3
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